Arondel Equestrian Center
Arondel Equestrian Center
Premium Horse Retirement Farm, Lay-Up & Rehab Facility

Voted Best of Lexington 2022

08/14/2022 08:29 AM Comment(s) By Amy Fischer

Voted Best of Lexington 2022!

Best of Lexington 2022 Winner

 Arondel Equestrian Center was voted Best of Lexington 2022 Equestrian Boarding by YOU, our amazing supportive community!  THANK YOU!!

We are so very thankful for our amazing supportive team of clients, family, and friends for allowing us to do what we love - care for these amazing creatures who give us so much in so many ways. They take us to the stars. They give us wings. The travels, the friends,  the winners circle, and a warm muzzle cuddles on a cold day to warm our hearts.  They teach us compassion, endurance, selflessness, drive, and determination.  Whether it be through sport, recreation, work or therapy we are devoted to these incredible horses.

- Over 3000 businesses, organizations and individuals competed for the top 3 spots in 215 categories.  

We could not be more thrilled and honored to have been chosen.

Thank you The Lexington Herald Leader  News for providing local businesses the opportunity to shine through this fun competition!  Be sure to check out Lexington Herald Leader's website for the latest news. 

Amy Fischer

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