Arondel Equestrian Center
Arondel Equestrian Center
Premium Horse Retirement Farm, Lay-Up & Rehab Facility
  • Premium Horse Retirement

    Retire Your Special Horse In Style

    Imagine your special horse spending their days leisurely grazing in large well manicured fields with like minded herd mates in beautiful Lexington, Kentucky. Small herds, Shelter, Daily Hands on Care & Attention. Receive video & live feed updates so you can stay connected to your horse. 

The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire. ​~Sharon Ralls Lemon

Arondel Equestrian Center's Boutique Horse Retirement program provides hands on daily care, attention and love for your beloved equine companion.  We specialize and cater to horses that have medical issues like Cushings/PPID, dental issues, or lameness that limits a pasture boarded lifestyle.  

Commitment to Safety

Your horse will meet new friends with introductions at a safe distance.   All of our paddocks are double fenced with Kentucky Board Fencing.   Your horse can take as long as they need to find a group and will never be rushed through their retirement transition. 

Facility Amenities

  • (7) well maintained pastures  for a total of 35 acres of turnout.  All double fenced with Kentucky 3 Board fencing and automatic waterers in most fields. 
  • Large 11’x14′ matted stalls with an outside window and ability to hang head out into the 20′ wide aisle
  • Stall Fans
  • Stalls at least picked daily
  • Automatic fly spray system in the barn
  • Feed thru fly program
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Gated entrance with security cameras
  • Security Camera & WiFi in the barn
  • Owners/operators live on site 
  • Knowledgeable and Caring Staff with over 70 years combined experience
  • 225' x 125' Outdoor Sand Arena (NEW 2021)
  • 1/2 mile grass hacking track

Wellness Program

  • Bi-Annual Veterinary Wellness Exams including: Vaccinations, Blood Work (ie  ATCH / Cushings/ PPID, EIA/ Coggins
  • De-Worming & Fecal Analysis
  • Annual Dental Exam
  • Regular Farrier 5-8 weeks based on your horse's need
  • Blanket/Fly sheet and fly mask changes as needed
  • Daily fly spray 
  • Weekly grooming, baths in summer
  • Minor medical treatment
  • (1) Fly mask provided per season
  • Includes all consumables and tools needed for regular grooming, bathing, and fly spray

Nutrition Program

  • Tribute feeds fed 2xs daily. Each horse’s dietary needs are evaluated and adjusted accordingly.
  • Soaked Beet Pulp & Alfalfa or Timothy Pellets (as needed)
  • Soaked feed and/or hay available if needed for dental or dietary restrictions.
  • Administer Owner supplied supplements/daily medication (ie Pracend, Equiox, etc)
  • Quality hay available at all times while in a stall via slow feed hay nets.  Type fed based on metabolism: Teff / Orchard / Alfalfa
  • Hay when needed in the pastures
  • Salt blocks in the stall and in pastures

Veterinary, Dentist, Farrier charges are billed at cost in addition to the monthly board fee.

converted tobacco barn horse stall ottb

Daily Hands On Care

Arondel Equestrian Center’s Premiere Horse Retirement program specializes in high-end care for retired sport horses and companion horses.  It is perfect for the horse that needs special hands-on daily care and attention due to age, illness or if they wish to maintain their elite diva status well into their retirement!  We provide full service stall board only. 
If you are looking for pasture retirement board,  Arondel is not the program for you and your horse.  

Our residents live a leisurely life grazing the day away with their horsey friends large grassy well maintained fields with excellent drainage.   Our horse to land ratio is between 2-3 acres per horse.  Each horse has their own stall for daily private time to eat and rest as well as protection during inclement weather.  The horses are brought into the barn daily for feeding and a body check. This ensures all the horses have the opportunity eat their all their grain and/or supplements/medications without worrying about their neighbor finishing it for them.  This is especially important for the senior with dental issues who may take longer to eat and needs their calories.   The daily handling and care of the horses ensure their health and well being is closely monitored.  

The horses are grouped by temperament, soundness and activity level into small number groups from private turnout to 4-6 horse herds.   Arondel Equestrian Center's boutique setting  is provides quiet relaxing atmosphere for the horses to enjoy their retirement.  

Unfortunately,  we are not able to accept stallions. 

USHJA (United States Hunter Jumper Association) Approved Equine Retirement Facility

"The USHJA Equine Retirement Facilities List, presented by the USHJA Horse and Rider Advocates Committee, is a resource for locating reputable retirement facilities for retired sport and competition horses.  The directory is vetted annually to ensure that all listed facilities are current and maintain industry standards for basic horse care." 


Because They Are Family 

We do what we do because we love them and they are family.  Pure and simple.  Every horse and client becomes part of our farm family.  These amazing animals who have brought all of us so much joy and love deserve that love and care in return for the rest of their days.  We are  family owned and operated with over 70 years combined experience caring for horses. 

Stay Part of Your Horse's Life
You will receive  photos and videos updates as well as the ability you to have real time live video chats with your horse.   Our monthly bills also include a summary of your horse's month in Kentucky.   All accessible via your secure Client Portal. 

Family Owned & Run

senior horse nutrition
Senior Horse Nutrition 

As a horse ages,  their nutritional needs change.  Dental issues,  metabolic issues,  old injuries or arthritis all can effect their overall health.  Caring for and loving these special horses is what we do.