Arondel Equestrian Center
Arondel Equestrian Center
Premium Horse Retirement Farm, Lay-Up & Rehab Facility
  • Horse Lay-Up & Rehab Services

Horse Lay-Up & Rehab Services

If your equine partner is in need of physical or mental down time, Arondel Equestrian Center is the perfect peaceful retreat to heal.  OTTB who needs down time before starting their next career. Long hours of turn out on green pastures before heading to Florida for WEF, Eventing and Polo season.

  • Stall rest
  • Hand walking
  • Limited turn out in private paddocks
  • Ample Turn out in large grassy fields
  • Leg Wrapping,  soft tissue injury rehab
  • Hydro-therapy
  • Photizo Vet Care -  LED light therapy (Red 635 nm and Infrared 850 nm)
  • Red Light Therapy: RevitaVet Poll Cap (Red @ 660nm) &  Equine Light Therapy Pads (Red 660nm and Infrared 880nm)
  • Private All Weather Footing Paddock
  • Security Camera in Stall
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Scheduling Expert Practitioners for Acupuncture, Chiropractic,  Massage
  • Customized Feeding Plan to optimize recovery & health

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