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Shooting a Commercial for Spectrum Internet

05/21/2022 10:32 AM Comment(s) By Amy Fischer

We Are Local - 
Spectrum's Tribute to Small Businesses in Lexington

Lobby Coffee Productions Meet Fitch
Valarie Lannoye's handsome Fitch goes in for his close up.

So excited, honored and thankful to be part of Lobby Coffee Productions commercial they developed and produced for Spectrum Internet!   Lobby Coffee is comprised of some incredible group of creatives.  Really cool to have met everyone.  To be a among all of the other amazing local businesses is such an honor.   Lobby Coffee highlighted some of my favorites local restaurants, theaters and tack shop. Watch the video and check them out! Go Lexington! 

I love the concept behind the ad as well.  A company that is supporting and promoting our local businesses. We are all pretty excited to have more internet options in our neighborhoods.  Well done Spectrum.

The horses had a wonderful time. The morning was all about them and there were lots of cuddles and treats to go around. Well done ponies. Thankful for our amazing clients who entrust us with their beloved retirees. 

Amy Fischer

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