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Prevent Mud Fever with Turnout Boots

11/02/2021 02:46 PM Comment(s) By Amy Fischer

Can you prevent mud fever with turnout boots? 

Can you prevent mud fever with turnout boots?  Our farm tests says, YES you can!  Equilibrium Products EquiChaps Close Contact Chaps passed our sensitive senior test with flying colors.

One of our seniors has very sensitive senior skin especially along his pastern to coronary.  He is prone to getting scratches/ mud fever / dew poisoning....We have tried so many products to help prevent them and found a few that we love.  But I thought there must be a better way to keep his legs clean and dry.  I scoured the internet and thought, "Where is it notoriously perpetually wet?"  The UK.  Eureka, I found a solution!  Enter Equilibrium Products Equi-Chaps Close Contact Chaps turnout boots.  

EquiChaps Close Contact Chaps
Prevent Mud Fever- Equilibrium Products EquiChaps Close Contact Chaps

So far,  they have been amazing.  They keep his legs dry and clean.  They have not rubbed his sensitive skin.  They wash up easily and dry quickly.  So much easier to keep him healthy than trying to wash his legs in 38 degrees!  Big thanks to his human Kim for supplying her guy his winter chaps.  If your horse is prone to getting scratches or you just want to keep your horses legs clean and dry, check them out!

Product Description by 
manufacturer Equilibrium Products

A breathable turnout boot for mud fever prevention, designed to keep horses’ legs dry and mud free. 1 Year Guarantee

  • Shaped to fit over the fetlock, hoof & heel
  • Completely covers the coronet band
  • Breathable, soft & comfortable
  • Made from perforated neoprene
  • With 4-way stretch to fit like a second skin
  • Easy to wash, quick to dry
  • Can be worn on front or hind legs as required
  • Handy grip tabs for easy removal
  • Supplied in pairs

Amy Fischer

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